With an award winning portfolio in design & engineering

Architectural Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is the art of transforming both static and dynamic objects into extraordinary display surfaces through advanced visual imaging.

Architecture is brought to life with depth and contrast adjustment to create engaging optical illusions united with pseudo 3D animations.

Mapping it a hugely scalable medium which can be powerfully deployed in a broad spectrum of events from private celebrations to major public occasions. The striking visual stimuli mapping provides offers a unique, far reaching and lasting alternative to traditional forms of audience engagement.

Brand Activations & Launches

When mapping is utilised in a presentation environment, the entire stage set becomes a display surface: Logos and text content can be intwined into background animations and products dramatically revealed. Conference mapping is a powerful communication tool that keeps audiences better engaged, for longer.

The Colour Project provides end-to-end coordination of mapping projects. From venue survey and projection design to content creation and then on-site technical delivery, we have, in-house, the skills and tools needed to guarantee incredible visual performances.

Story Telling at Scale!
We work with you to identify locations that have high footfall and maximum viral potential. With a wealth of experience in the field, and vast portfolio of iconic sites around the world, the colour project can unite your brand message with the right audience.